Commodity Fetishism, Bubbles, and Elliott Waves

Perhaps a connection between these ideas? This quote from Wikipedia’s page on commodity fetishism triggered a curiosity:

The value of a commodity originates from the human being’s intellectual and perceptual capacity to consciously (subjectively) ascribe a relative value (importance) to a commodity, the goods and services manufactured by the labour of a worker. Therefore, in the course of the economic transactions (buying and selling) that constitute market exchange, people ascribe subjective values to the commodities (goods and services), which the buyers and the sellers then perceive as objective values, the market-exchange prices that people will pay for the commodities.

Read here for more information on commodity fetishism. I saw Dr. Rodrigue’s plot while reading more about Karl Marx’s commodity fetishism on Wikipedia. Dr. Jean-Paul Rodrigue’s blog (where there is commentary on market bubbles) contains the following graphic:

There are many ideas in my mind after reading and thinking about the connections between commodity fetishism, bubbles, and Elliott Waves. In addition, the plot of bubble phases by Dr. Rodrigue’s has a clear connection with the 5 wave impulse and 3 wave correction. I need to think more about some of these ideas and formulate some clearly written ideas.