3D Contour Examples

These will all eventually be found on the main website. The HTML code is created with the help of Three.js. I am attempting to do the best I can to transform the contours into a nice 3D visual display. As my WebGL and Three.js skills improve, there will be additional improvements and modifications. You can pan the graph by pressing the arrow keys or holding down the right mouse button while dragging. Rotate the display by holding down the left mouse button.

Some browsers may not be able to run the WebGL. The json files are in the 4 – 6 MB range uncompressed, so please allow time to load. The DJIA 3D Contour is 19 MB.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) 3D Contour

1987 Crash 3D Contour

S&P 500 3D Contour

Tesla (TSLA) 3D Contour

Bitcoin USD 3D Contour

Gold USD 3D Contour

TNX 3D Contour

Merval 3D Contour

Internet Bubble 3D Contour

South Sea Company 1720 3D Contour

Mississippi Company 1720 3D Contour