To help understand the foundations of The Bubble Index, please visit the following links.
  1. The Bubble Index and Source Code
  2. An Autonomous Agent (personal blog)
  3. Financial Crisis Observatory
  4. Why Stock Markets Crash, by Didier Sornette
  5. Generalized q-Analysis of Log-Periodicity: Applications to Critical Ruptures by Wei-Xing Zhou and Didier Sornette
  6. Shocks, Crashes and Bubbles in Financial Markets, by Didier Sornette and Anders Johansen
  7. Predicting Financial Crashes Using Discrete Scale Invariance, by Anders Johansen, Didier Sornette, and Olivier Ledoit
  8. Armstrong Economics
  9. the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on
  10. Diagnosis and Prediction of Tipping Points in Financial Markets:
    Crashes and Rebounds, by Wanfeng Yan, Ryan Woodard, and Didier Sornette
  11. SEFBlog
  12. Diagnosis and Prediction of Tipping Points in Financial Markets: Crashes and Rebounds
  13. Detecting Log-Periodicity in a Regime Switching Model of Stock Returns by George Chang and James Feigenbaum
  14. Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Log Periodic Power Laws for Bubble Modelling but Were Afraid to Ask by Petr Geraskin and Dean Fantazzini
  15. Clarifications to Questions and Criticisms on the Johansen-Ledoit-Sornette Bubble Model by Didier Sornette, Ryan Woodard, Wanfeng Yan, Wei-Xing Zhou
  16. A Bayesian Analysis of Log-Periodic Precursors to Financial Crashes by George Chang and James Feigenbaum
  17. Parallax Financial Research, Inc.
  18. HED Capital Management Ltd.
  19. Financial Seismology Video
  20. Multiagent’s model of stock market with p-adic description of prices by Viktor Zharkov
  21. A Creepy World by Didier Sornette and Peter Cauwels
  22. Why free markets die: An evolutionary perspective by Eduardo Viegas, Stuart P. Cockburn, Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen, Geoffrey B. West
  23. Currency Trading using the Fractal Market Hypothesis by Jonathan Blackledge and Kieran Murphy
  24. Application of the Fractional Diffusion Equation for Predicting Market Behaviour by Jonathan Blackledge
  25. The Socionomic Theory of Finance and the Institution of Social Mood:Pareto and the Sociology of Instinct and Rationalization by Wayne D. Parker and Robert R. Prechter
  26. A Spectral Analysis of World GDP Dynamics: Kondratieff Waves, Kuznets Swings, Juglar and Kitchin Cycles in Global Economic Development, and the 2008–2009 Economic Crisis by Andrey V Korotayev and Sergey V. Tsirel
  27. Volatility Futures and Options Blog