3D Contour of 1987 Crash

The images in this post were obtained from The Bubble Index Contour: S&P 500 (1985 – 1990). The software used is 3DField. As you can see from the vertical black line drawn on the two contour maps, Black Monday, October 19, 1987 occurred near a mountain peak in the contour graph.

GSPCContour_Overlay_1987_CrashTheBubbleIndex_1987_10 TheBubbleIndex_1987_9 TheBubbleIndex_1987_8 TheBubbleIndex_1987_7 TheBubbleIndex_1987_6 TheBubbleIndex_1987_5 TheBubbleIndex_1987_4 TheBubbleIndex_1987_3 TheBubbleIndex_1987_2 TheBubbleIndex_1987_1