WebGL and 3D Contours

After a long night of learning how to code Three.js, I have had some success in rendering the contours created by The Bubble Index into nice WebGL displays. You can find them in the 3D Contours Page on this site.  The process that created these consisted of several steps. First, I exported a contour 3D grid mesh as a DXF file from 3DField. Then I used JNetCAD to convert this into a WebGL json file.  JNetCAD describes itself as: JNetCAD is a simple Java GUI for importing and exporting several CAD formats. I agree, it was simple and effective for my purposes. From this point, it was now about coding in Three.js. Three.js has some really nice examples to learn from. It gives users the potential to create some amazing visual displays. And after some debugging and tweaks, I ended up with a nice display.